Inaugural Meeting of AEPS

March 31, 2011 Ari Freuman 0

Organized by psychology professor Glenn Geher and graduate student Daniel Glass, the first formal meeting of the Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society (AEPS) took place last Monday in New Paltz’s Lecture Center. According to Glass, one of AEPS’s founders, the society met to continue its goal to form a group of people interested in utilizing insights from evolutionary psychology in clinical or practical settings. “The idea was to organize an event that would serve as the launch point of AEPS,” said Glass. “We […]

Photographic Memories

March 31, 2011 Rachel Freeman 0

When 93-year-old Annette Finestone sold her hotel business in 1978, she never expected her husband to find a bag of her old film from Japan while rummaging through things. “I found this film and I said, ‘Oh my god I ought to do something about it.’ They were just rolled up in a bag still, I didn’t even know I had them,” Finestone said. Finestone’s job as a placement officer landed her in Nagoya, Japan after a job was unavailable in France. She arrived in Japan in 1945 six months after the bombing of Hiroshima. […]

Tennis Team Aces Florida Tournament

March 31, 2011 Cat Tacopina 0

With spring break then approaching, the New Paltz tennis team was not thinking of relaxing. While they would be traveling to Florida, they were more focused on the competition that they would be facing there. The team left early on the Friday before break started to head south to compete. Through a program called “Spring Break Sports,” the team matched up against the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Colby College, Merrimack College and Colorado College while only seeing defeat against Colby. Before the trip, Head Coach Rob Bruley was already looking toward the matches with excitement and confidence. […]