A letter from Alice Andrews

Dear Editor:

We are fortunate to live in a place where the mayoral candidates are all good people; in fact, most of them even have some good ideas worth voting for. But only one, in my view, has some truly exceptional plans for our village and can make them happen: Jason West. I’ve lived in the Village for 12 years, and in this period there has only been one time that I’ve witnessed the difference an elected official can make: That was the time West was mayor (from 2003 to 2007). His intelligence, vision and energetic determination are what is needed in New Paltz, now more than ever. On May 3, I’ll be voting for him, as well as for Ariana Basco for Village Trustee. I’ve been following her career in our community since she was my Psychology student seven years ago, and I couldn’t be more proud of her many talents and virtues as an activist and community leader.

Alice Andrews

Village of New Paltz