A letter from Feebe Greco

Dear Editor:

I urge you to vote for Jason West on Tuesday, May 3. After living in New Paltz for the last 12 years, I feel extremely fortunate that our son is now growing up in such a special place. I feel strongly that Mr. West will protect, preserve, enhance, and restore all that made us choose to settle down and raise a family here.

New Paltz was a better place to live when Mr. West was in office. While the economic downturn and it’s impact were beyond anyone’s control, the abysmal performance of the current administration in both actions and policies has been an embarrassment. Whether it’s the abhorrent treatment of our volunteer fire department or the incoherent spending freeze, they have proven to be ineffective, arrogant, and uncooperative. We sorely need someone who can breathe some life back into Village Hall. Jason West is that someone.

When Mr. West was previously elected, I was inspired to volunteer to help rebuild the Village’s website and had the opportunity to work with him personally on the Technology Committee formed during his administration (now defunct). I was able to observe first-hand his impeccable work ethic, dedication to open government, willingness to collaborate, and commitment to serving our community.

During his time in office he set ambitious goals (e.g., installing solar panels on Village Hall, planting reed beds to process sewage) and saw them to fruition, all the while dutifully performing the less sensational but no less demanding day to day responsibilities of running the Village. Mr. West is the only candidate who is talented at both managing practical matters and spearheading progressive ones. He has a clear and inspiring vision for the future of New Paltz and a proven track record of getting things done. Please vote for Jason West for Mayor on May 3.

Feebe Greco
New Paltz