A Sweet Spot in New Paltz

Huguenot Creamery opened in the village of New Paltz this summer.
Huguenot Creamery opened in the village of New Paltz this summer.

Huguenot Creamery opened up on July 16  next to McGillicuddy’s to feed the sweet tooth of New Paltz residents and students who attend the college just a few blocks away.

Owner Patty Walker established the eatery this summer to bring more business to the area.

“A bunch of tourists were walking by and I remember them asking me, ‘Do you know where we can find ice cream? We want real ice cream!’,” she said.“I opened up the ice cream shop because I lived here in New Paltz all my life. I owned the building and decided to open it up.”

The tourists were granted their wish when Patty Walker’s Huguenot Creamery opened for business this past summer. Although the students from SUNY New Paltz were not back yet, Walker anticipated their return and hoped to bring joy to the temporary and more permanent residents at the same time.

“Ice cream makes everyone happy. This is what makes it fun,” Walker said while smiling and  helping a customer.

Katie Gallagher, a resident of New Paltz and a customer at the creamery agreed with the owner.

“It’s my first time here and it’s really good. I got a milkshake and it’s delicious,” Gallagher said.

Walker confessed that although she offers various treats to her customers, milkshakes have become a customer favorite.

“Shakes are the most popular and delicious!,” Walker said.

Sharyce Willand, a second-year undeclared student at New Paltz, also enjoyed her experience at the Creamery.

“I really liked it. It was something different than what you usually find in the town of New Paltz,” said Willand. “I ordered a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and it was scrumptious!”

The Creamery serves milkshakes and ice cream in flavors such as mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and more. They offer cannolis and other treats as well.

Although Huguenot Creamery is not the only dessert establishment in town, it is definitely the closest to campus.

“I would recommend it to anyone. There is something very humble about it,” Willand said. “The creamery is very homey and welcoming.”