A Vessel For Emerging Artists

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, SUNY New Paltz graduate Joseph Pine was thrilled at the chance to have his art work featured at the P.S. 209 Art Gallery in Stone Ridge.

The gallery, curated by Lori Van Houten, is presenting its third exhibit of the season, “Vessel,” which examines the idea of containment from diverse perspectives through drawing, painting and sculpture.

Pine’s work is being showcased through the P.S. 209’s Emerging Artist Program, which gives up-and-coming artists a chance to collaborate with Van Houten and gain professional experience in presenting their own exhibit.

“As a young artist just finishing up my BFA, I was thrilled about the prospect of showing my work professionally, outside of an academic setting.” Pine said.

He said his inspiration comes from the various “naturally occurring patterns, manmade structures and the juxtaposition of the two” he encounters on a daily basis.

Pine also said he uses traditional metal-smithing techniques in his work, such as “raising and fabrication to create sculptural objects that suggest or embody containment.”

The exhibit has opened many doors and opportunities for Pine, he said.

Because of his participation in this program, he has sold to private collectors and has been commissioned to make a work of art for another collector.

One of the reasons he said he enjoys attending the gallery is seeing how people interpret his work “rather than attempting to understand [his] own reasoning.”

According to the “Vessel” press release, other artists who also participated in the exhibit include Lara Giodano who received her MFA from New Paltz, Christopher Seubert who has had his work featured in the Dorsky Museum and Tim Rowan, who received his BFA from New Paltz.

Van Houten said the reaction to “Vessel” and the gallery itself has been “very positive.”

The exhibit will run until Sunday, Oct. 6.