Athlete of the Week

Photo by Holly Lipka.

Athlete of the Week – Nick Paquette

SPORT: Basketball

YEAR:  First

MAJOR: General Business

HOMETOWN: Smithtown, New York


How Did You First Start Playing Basketball?

My dad played in college, and he was my inspiration to start playing. I started in kindergarten, that’s when everyone starts just playing intramurals and CYO and all that. That’s actually when me and my current teammate Matt [Misser] started playing together.

Outside Of Basketball What Do You Like To Do?

I just enjoy hanging out with friends, having a good time and enjoying life. I like playing any sport, I enjoy all sports. I just took basketball more seriously than the others.

Who Are Your Biggest Role Models?

My biggest role models are obviously my parents. My dad played college basketball, so I kind of wanted to follow in his footsteps and my mom also was a pretty good athlete. All their hard work inspires me and pushes me.

Are You A Fan Of Any Professional Teams?

Yes, the Boston Celtics. My dad grew up in Massachusetts and growing up I had no team to follow besides the Knicks, and he didn’t like them so I was a Boston fan.

Do You Have Any Superstitions?

Every time the Celtics are in a Game 7, I always wear a jersey all day long. Just, you know, gotta rep.

What’s Your Favorite Sports Memory?

Junior year of high school, I played against my teammate Brandon Tolliver, and Coach Rejniak was actually recruiting Tolliver at the time. I had a really good game and that’s when he started recruiting me, so that’s something I just won’t forget.


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