Beyond New Paltz: The Big Cheese

Name: The Big Cheese

Location: 402 Main St., Rosendale, NY 12472

Phone number: 845-658-7175

Description: When you walk through the doors of The Big Cheese, you might think you are in a French bistro from the various smells of artisan cheeses wafting around. Run by the very friendly Yuval and Lisa Sterer, The Big Cheese serves up delicious Mediterranean food, fresh salads, deli foods, gourmet goodies and of course, cheese. Goat’s milk cheese, sheep’s milk cheese, extra-aged Gouda, crumbly Wensleydale, you name a cheese and they got it. This quirky and unique venue is also the perfect place to sit back in a warm and inviting environment to enjoy a good read. 

Why Go: Sure, you can go to get yourself a nice slab of cheese. But if I’m being honest, the main reason to go is their second-hand store within the restaurant. The last time I went, I bought an amazing maroon wool hat that makes me look like I walk the streets of London. The items in the second-hand store are a little pricey, so if you are itching to drop a few bills on vintage finds definitely swing by The Big Cheese and browse their books, kitchenware and unique clothing. 

How to Get There: Drive down Rt. 32 North for only 20 minutes. If you are car-less, like many college students are, you can take a Trailways bus there for only $6!

Nicole Zanchelli
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