Beyond New Paltz: The Very Big American Flag Outside of Camping World in Kingston

Name: The Very Big American Flag Outside of Camping World in Kingston

Location: 124 Onteora Trail, NY-28, Kingston, NY, 12401

Phone number: It is a flag.

Description: I don’t get out much while I’m in New Paltz. I don’t have a car, nor do I feel comfortable asking for rides. Due to this, Beyond New Paltz has become a bane of my existence — which is why I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here, folks, and recommending you spend your precious time taking a road trip to see a very big flag. Located right outside of Camping World in Kingston, which I believe is a camping wholesale store, this flag is really big. I discovered this flag back in the fall of 2017, when my mom got in the wrong lane driving me home from New Paltz one weekend and we ended up on the thruway going north for half an hour. It was then, getting off at the Kingston exit, that we came face to face (through the glass of our car windows) with this very big flag. 

Why Go: Readers, I wouldn’t lie to you. If this flag was an average size, or even just big, I would not suggest that you go see it for yourself. But trust me, this is a really big flag. Close your eyes and think of the biggest flag you’ve ever seen. This flag is bigger. This flag is so distinctly big that when we drove past it my mom, a very patriotic woman, said “That is beautiful. Take a picture!” and made me lean out the car window and take a picture of the flag.

How to Get There: Once past the thruway toll, forget to get into the left lane onto I-87 South, and end up merging onto I-87 North towards Albany. Mutter an expletive, then accept your fate. A little over 30 minutes later, you will find yourself getting off at the Kingston exit, and trust me, you will see it. As I said, it’s very big.

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