BFC Seats Completely Filled

BFC members will begin to discuss the budget funded by the student activity on April 1.
BFC members will begin to discuss the budget funded by the student activity on April 1.

The 51st student senate confirmed nominees to both the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) and the Academic Committee at their seventh general meeting on Tuesday, March 29.

Third-year nominee Francis Rodriguez was running for three positions on the Academic Committee: Education and Technology, Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee. The legislative body expressed favorable views and full confidence that Rodriguez could perform all three jobs well. His confirmation to all three positions was unanimous.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance Caitlin Ryan said to the legislative body that she still needed to check if Rodriguez holding all three positions is constitutional. The decision is pending.

BFC weekend is Friday, April 1, and it’s where the budget for next year, with line-item or general program funding, will be decided. The two vacant seats have been filled by Sens. Samantha Kossin and Connor McElwaine, both on a unanimous vote.

Student Association President Jennifer Sanchez reported to the legislative body that SUNY Student Assembly president elections were coming up. She urged senators to get involved with district representative positions.

Ryan said she would work with Director of Student Activities and Union Services Mike Patterson on amendments to the conference line. Sanchez said that there should be “some type of priority over research presentation” so those that go to present should be allocated more money rather than those that just attend.

Patterson also said that Middle States Commission on Higher Education will be coming to New Paltz to evaluate its mission statement and how well the college is doing its job on April 10 to the 13. Passing this evaluation ensures that SUNY New Paltz can give degrees and financial aid. The Middle States Commission will interact and look for student feedback on the quality of their educational experience.

Vice President of Programming Anthony Lino reported on Rock Against Racism and said he contacted other universities, such as the University of Pennsylvania and another in Nebraska, that had similar boundaries as New Paltz where the town and university share space. He said he wanted to see how they dealt with outside events and crowd control.

He said no major incidents were reported at those events and he will then take this information to Administrative bodies for further consideration. The artist Nas has been confirmed but the space is still being decided.