The God Complex

September 22, 2011 Katherine Speller 0

Between the “Doctor-identifies-with-the-monster” plotline and his self-isolating move at the end, it was an emotionally exhausting hour watching “The God Complex.” We find our characters […]

The Deep End: Cameron Scott Andersen

September 22, 2011 oracle 0

Major: Metals 1st Year Graduate Student “Typically my work is a combination of fabrication, metal casting, and computer aided design/manufacturing.  I am influenced by minimalism, […]

Slam Gets Sexy

September 15, 2011 Katherine Speller 0

Things were getting hot ‘n heavy at Grimaldi’s this Monday, Sept. 12. New Paltz’s finest poets stormed the stage of the small Italian restaurant on 119 Main St. to deliver their most sensual syntax for the second Rock Hawk Poetry Slam christened “The Erotic Rock Hawk Poetry Slam.” The school’s burlesque troop, Alpha Psi Ecdysia, kicked off the night with a study in body […]