A Stroll Down Memory Lane

April 28, 2011 Williem Donahue 0

After 40 years, Professor Peter D.G. Brown has taken a step back to review his career and share it with the students he’s dedicated his life to. His exhibit “What Remains: 40 Years of Teaching, Scholarship & Service at SUNY New Paltz, 1971-2011” opened at the Sojourner Truth Library on April 1. It is compiled of several encased exhibits, each chronicling a […]

Jamming for Japan

April 28, 2011 Rachel Freeman 0

Local musicians shared their tunes and artists sold their work on April 9 in an effort to raise money towards earthquake relief in Japan. The all day and all night benefit show organized by Roger LaRochelle, Pete Newman, Avery Jenkins, Amanda Sisenstein and Garland Middleton featured more than 30 musical acts performing at venues such as Slash Root, Cafeteria and Snugs. One band already booked at Oasis also participated and artists contributed artwork to sell at each show as well. The event was inspired by a similar fundraiser organized by the group last year after the earthquake hit Haiti […]

Staying True to His Strings

April 28, 2011 Zan Strumfeld 0

Several years ago, 65-year-old Rob Turner decided he would rather make $100 a day as a substitute math teacher than $6 an hour as a hall monitor. His daughter won a scholarship to travel to Washington, D.C. But Turner had trouble finding a job that would pay the airfare without a bachelor’s degree under his belt. After roaming the halls to make ends meet, he is now back in the classroom to pursue a math degree, in addition to something more – mastery of performance and composition in cello. “I figured, ‘Why don’t I take music […]