Grappling With Our Sept. 11 Grief

September 15, 2011 oracle 0

On Sunday, there was one phrase that dominated headlines, Facebook statuses and handmade signs hung in windows across New York City, the state and the country: never forget. Even a decade later, it is hard to imagine that anyone won’t remember where they were on that clear September morning when they […]

Help Weather the Storm

September 8, 2011 oracle 0

We all watched the water rise, the power lines drop and the wind bluster. We all watched the clouds turn grey as more than 10 inches of water fell from the sky onto our homes, cars and lawns. Hurricane Irene left a clear and present mark on the New Paltz community last weekend, but for many it appears the storm is becoming a distant memory in our semester’s brief history. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The damage caused by this powerful storm stretches beyond a cancelled class or a flooded[…]

Who Will It Be?

May 12, 2011 oracle 0

Things are rough and there are sure to be more trials ahead; our future leaders should not back down from a challenge.We at The New Paltz Oracle find it disheartening that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislature are letting New Paltz down by effectively pushing potential presidential candidates away through their mishandling of our school’s fiscal future. Some of the former presidential finalists have said on record that the school’s budgetary woes impacted their decision to withdraw from the search. Yes, some denied it; but the fact that Cuomo’s slashing of SUNY budgets like ours […]