Cats of New Paltz

Cats of New Paltz features a new feline friend each week! This weeks cat is Ludacris, who resides with Assistant Copy Editor Gabby Wood.

Ludacris is a Maine Coon adopted from the Kingston SPCA. He turned five years old last month, and was celebrated lovingly by his six roommates with a thick bowl of tuna.

Luda is the beautiful adopted son of Cherry Schrage, a fourth-year digital media production major. He’s definitely a friendly cat, and orbits the rooms of our house freely. It’s always a nice surprise to walk into my bedroom and see Ludacris curled up on a pile of laundry.

He is also the loudest cat I have ever met. No matter the conversation, Ludacris has no problem participating with weird little meows or full-fledged cat yelling. He always wants to be the center of attention.