Copy Couch Recommends: On My Block

I tend to steer away from any show or movie that is focused in high school. The characters always look like they are too old and cheesiness usually follows. However, when my friends and I sat down last weekend to hangout and watch TV, Netflix was featuring an original on their front page: “On My Block.” 

We started the first episode and this coming-of-age television series proved it would be set apart from the rest. The show follows a quartet of unique and interesting characters who are entering their freshman year of high school. 

The first episode begins with lead character Monse returning from writing camp with hopes to reunite with friends Ruby, Jamal and Cesar but she quickly finds out things aren’t how she left them. 

The rest of the series covers their freshman year of high school in their predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood in Los Angeles. 

Monse is the one that holds the group together, despite falling in love with another member of the quartet. She is on her own journey to figure out who she is, while attempting to find out who and where her mother is as well. Though, each of the characters equally begins to learn about life, love, and how to get by. 

The perfect amount of comedy is placed throughout the series, especially by my personal favorite character, Jasmine, played by Jessica Marie Garcia. 

The 93 percent that it received on Rotten Tomatoes helps explain just how great this series truly was. 

The final episode ended in a cliffhanger that kept even me at the edge of my seat. Thankfully, “On My Block” was renewed for a second season.

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