Copy Couch Recommends: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

It’s the late 1950s and Midge Maisel’s life is perfect. She has two kids, a great husband and the most picturesque apartment. That is, until her marriage falls apart. Soon, Midge finds herself living back at home with her parents and working at a low level job while launching a secret career in stand-up comedy. This is the premise of the new hit show, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”(Available on Amazon Prime).

Amy Sherman-Palladino created the show, and if you think you’ve heard that name before it’s because she’s also the creator of “Gilmore Girls.” Sherman-Palladino is known for using witty, rapid-fire dialogue laced with a lot of pop-culture references and her writing doesn’t stray from that in “Mrs. Maisel.”

This show is brought to life not only by the dialogue, but by the actors and characters themselves. Midge, played by Rachel Brosnahan, is a lovable, upper class, Jewish housewife who soon finds herself empowered by following her passion for stand-up comedy. Susie Myerson, played by Alex Bornstein, is Midge’s manager, a hilarious working-class loner who gives Midge all the tough love she has to try and help further her career. 

The series follows the two of them as they try to make a name for themselves in the midst of 1950s sexism. I mean, who would ever hire a female comedian? 

Production-wise, the show is just as strong as it is plot-wise. The sets and costumes are bright, colorful and exuberant, encompassing all of the character that the ’50s had to offer. Along with quick dialogue, Sherman-Palladino also utilizes long takes and whirlwind camera movements to help add to the ’50s feel of it all. 

I strongly believe “Mrs. Maisel” is one of the best original streaming shows out there. No matter what genre of television you like, “Mrs. Maisel” has something for everybody.