Copy Desk Cook-Off: Perfect Scrambled Eggs on Toast

Have you ever woken up in the morning and couldn’t find a reason to get out of bed for your own breakfast? Well worry no longer, because I have the perfect recipe just for you. This breakfast isn’t just fast to make, but it tastes great, too.

The answer is scrambled eggs, but not just any scrambled eggs mind you, English Scrambled Eggs. This way of making scrambled eggs provides a silky and delicious texture filled breakfast with good sources of both fiber and protein.

Things you will need for this:

A mixing bowl and stirrer

3 Qt. Pot with handle (any pot past 2 qt. is fine)


a tablespoon of butter

two eggs

slice of bread.

First things first, turn your pot on medium-low heat. Then pop some bread in a toaster and let that cook while you prepare the eggs.

Next, grab two eggs (any bird is fine), which should be at least two per person, and break them into the mixing bowl while ridding as much excess white yolk as possible.

Add a pinch of salt and a splash of water to the egg mix, then stir the eggs until they are mixed well.

Put a tablespoon of butter into the pot now (I use soy vegan butter but any butter is fine), wait for the butter to sizzle or melt and add the eggs to the mix.

Now for the fun part. Mix the eggs around in the pot for about five seconds and then leave the pot alone on the stove for about 10 seconds.

Every time you mix the eggs, remove the pot from the stove while mixing, returning the pot when the eggs are at rest. This forces the eggs to mix together while being heated and then settle in a silky texture while not being heated.

Repeat this process until the eggs gain a creamy-like texture to them, and then scrape them into a corner of the pot to let them cook for a bit. In the meantime, fetch that bread you popped into the toaster a while ago and put it on a plate, then the eggs go on top of the bread. Voila, you have an easy meal that gives you everything you need in the morning that tastes great and is a pleasure to have over and over again. Enjoy your eggs, I know I will.