Copy Desk Cookoff: Banana Pudding

For some reason, people think that just because I am a girl I should know how to cook — as if some amazing cook gene is somewhere mixed into my genetic makeup.

Unfortunately, I can’t really cook, but I guess I would call myself a simple baker. I can make one dessert, in one simple way and  pass it off as a complicated, five-star, sweet treat called “Banana Pudding.”

This is the easiest dish anyone can make (besides cereal), and the result makes you look like a real baker even though you aren’t baking anything.


In order to make this dish you will need:

-1 box of instant vanilla pudding

-1 box of Nilla Wafers (cookies)

-1 bunch of bananas


Pour two cups of milk and one box of pudding mix into a bowl, whisk it and let it set for a few minutes. Once the pudding has formed into a thick consistency, take your Nilla Waffers and line the bottom of an empty bowl or pan with the cookies. After you form an even layer of cookies, grab a banana and cut slices to place across the pudding. Make two even layers of bananas. On top of these two layers, pour some vanilla pudding into the bowl and spread it, making a final layer of pudding.

At this point you should have a layer of cookies, a layer of banana slices and a layer of vanilla pudding. Keep following this process of cookies, banana slices and pudding until all of your pudding is finished.

Try to end with the cookie layer on top; it just looks nice. Sprinkle cinnamon on the top of the final layer of cookies and you are finished!