Copy Desk Cookoff: Crispy Slammin’ Salmon

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Gwen.

When people hear salmon, they think “oh fish, just fish? I hate fish.” Well they’re wrong. What I have is a recipe, a recipe from the coasts of New England and Gulf of Mexico, from sea to shining sea. I love this country. I have a recipe that will change their minds and make them followers of the fish. This recipe is both fun to make and will leave your taste buds satisfied at the end of this delicious meal.

For this meal, you will need every component of this list:

Sea salt

Cutting edge knife

Olive Oil

Cutting board

Cajun spice



Place the pan on the stove and wait for it to heat up.

The first step is to put the salmon (portion size is one pound) meat side down and to cut vertical slices half way into the skin side of the salmon. Space these cuts out evenly enough so the salmon cooks evenly (it is not mandatory but it helps).

Take salt in hand and put a pinch of salt into the flaps of the salmon so it gets crispy when cooked. Pour some olive oil in the flaps and coat the skin side of the salmon. Then, with the pan hot, coat it with olive oil and place the salmon on the pan. Press lightly on the salmon to make sure all the parts are being cooked.

Pour some Cajun spice on the meat side of the salmon. Wait till the color of the salmon changes from bottom to top about 2/3 of the way up. Flip the salmon over and time five minutes for the rest of the cooking. After five minutes, flip the salmon over again and turn the stove off, leaving the skin side to cook for the next five minutes as the stove cools down.

Now with a crispy and spicy salmon dish, add some sides or herbs and you are another recipe toward being a certain fish lover.