Copy Desk Cookoff: Hara Millman’s Goat Rocket Toastie!

Have you ever ate a sandwich that made everything in your life feel better? I first met the Goat Rocket Toastie while I was studying abroad in Prague. It’s the perfect combo of sweet and savory, crunchy and gooey. I dream about this toastie’s deliciousness. So here it is, the closest to the real deal that anything besides a plane ticket to Prague can get you.

What You’ll Need:

– Two slices of your favorite bread (I suggest whole wheat Italian panini bread)

– About ¼ of a cup of soft goat cheese, but 

really as much as your heart desires (bring it to room temperature for easy spreading)

-A handful of arugula or spinach

– A heavy drizzle of honey (about a tablespoon) 

-¼ cup of walnuts 

-One Tsp. of spreadable butter (or your favorite dairy free alternative)

– One tbsp. of mayo

I make this sandwich in a pan, but feel free to make it in a George Foreman or other panini maker if you have one available to you! I’m sure it would be equally yummy, in that case just spread either mayo or butter on both sides of your bread before panini-ing it up. 

How to Make the Magic Happen: 

1. Butter one side of one of your pieces of bread. On the other side, spread on your goat cheese. Save about a teaspoon of it for later. 

2. Now put the bread in a pan, butter side down. Don’t turn the heat on yet. 

3. On top of your beautiful goat cheese, layer honey, walnuts, then the greens of your choice. You can now turn the heat on under your pan to medium. 

4. On your remaining slice of bread, spread the remaining goat cheese on one side and mayo on the other. Smush the mayo bread side up on top of your melting goodness. 

5. Check the bottom piece of bread and flip when golden brown. Take off the heat when the other side is also golden brown. 

6. Transfer onto a paper towel to prevent the bottom from getting soggy.