Copy Desk Cookoff: True Life, My Boyfriend Feeds Me


Between classes, work, my internship and occasional sleep, I haven’t had much time to put my culinary expertise — whatever exists of that — to the test.

Mostly the options are: take-out, eggs or a microwaveable dish. But, there is always a silver lining to this poor college kid’s story: having a boyfriend who can cook.

Here’s what you need:

A boyfriend/girlfriend with extraordinary culinary skills, a car to drive to get the food and the dedicated significant other to drive the food to you. (Yes, I am spoiled.) Now, the meals will vary depending on what your love likes to make.

My favorite dish my boyfriend makes is Cajun shrimp and tilapia with brown rice, peppers, mac and cheese and biscuits. If you want to get adventurous and try making this yourself, you can buy the fish and fry it in a pan, but aside from that, I can’t tell you much else. You will have to ask Daren, but I doubt he will give away the secrets to his savory Cajun sauce.

While the boyfriend/girlfriend cooks, you can do one of two things: watch “Family Guy” and leave the cooking to the expert, or you can get involved. Dangerous as this may be, it is a learning experience — even if you just cut a few peppers. Or one.

As the food sizzles in the pan, enjoy the amazing smell and savor the lack of burnt scent you usually smell when you attempt to cook.

When the food is all done, grab yourself a serving and eat it quickly because you probably haven’t had a real meal since the last big holiday you were home for.

When you are finished indulging in your third serving, clean up the mess, because after all, your guy/gal just did you the biggest favor as a college student: they fed you!