Copy Desk Cookoff: Yesterday’s Brownies

Remember driving with the sunroof open? Shit just flyin’ out and only you to pause, reel it back and save the ride. Just a matter of time before conversations split off and send you side door bound.

Sometimes you can’t partake. Let alone be near. But other times it’s just a favor away. Best to save your receipts and dodge the honey. And never munch. Better still with the Gatorade and aluminum before mining an apple. Go big or go home. Two in one plus a slice.

Gotta say though, third period can only really exist after the gym. Brownies help with that. Mainly because they’re comfort food, but also because, when made properly, they’re proven to brighten your day.

Step one in making brownies is getting ingredients. Esquire recently posted about using ingredients, but didn’t mention how or which to purchase. Slackin’. Anyway, remember to get them. Brownie mix, milk, eggs, maybe flour, a pan, maybe extra chocolate, vegetable oil, etc. 

From here, mix the ingredients correctly by following the directions on the box. They all got and if you’re reading this I’m guessing you can read those too.

Ovens need preheating. Don’t forget this, as it’s a direct indicator you’re 72.8 percent more likely to forget to turn it off afterwards. Not good.

Now, it is good to, how do you say, grease the pan. I like to use veggie oil. Add:

Tbsp. of pure sugar cane

Half tsp. vanilla extract

Cup of brown sugar

And then just slightly heat and stir that and you’re in good shape.

Finally we get around to the baking.

First, the tray of brownie mix goes in the oven. Then, the tray of brownies comes out. There might be sometime in the middle but it’s pretty much that simple so don’t screw this step up. It’s important.

They’ll go down nice and easy and will have a nice rich flavor that just can’t be beat.

But hey, I know brownies aren’t the healthiest of items. Finish your morning up with a nice bowl of fresh greens to balance it out.