Intramural Sports Offered as COVID-19 Safe Athletics

All you need to bring to these tournaments is yourself: the other necessary equipment is provided.

SUNY New Paltz students have been getting familiar with IM Leagues, the website and mobile app used to sign up for faculty usage and classes at the Athletic & Wellness Center. What they might not know, however, is that IM Leagues is also used as a place to sign up for intramural sports.

According to the intramural sports home page, the goal of intramural sports is to get students active and involved in the programs. Some examples of these events include a backyard pong tournament, foot golf tournament, pickleball singles and even a home run derby. Unfortunately, sometimes these fun events do not draw a crowd. For example, only two students are currently signed up for the foot golf league. With that being said, even if only one person signs up, the event is still on.

“The only time that we cancel an event is if no one shows up. Even if there is one person that shows up, we will still find a way for them to be active and play,” said Assistant Wellness & Recreation Director/Aquatics Director Kevin Makarewicz. “They will win the prize by default, but either a student official or myself would compete against them. Even if we only have one person, we still know what a difference these events and physical activity can do for them with all the different things they have going on through the semester!”

Yes, you read that right, readers: All tournaments and leagues offer prizes at the end, which could be an intramural championship t-shirt or other New Paltz gear. For the upcoming backyard pong tournament, those who attend will be entered in a raffle for the chance to win different New Paltz apparel. 

The first step to possibly winning these prizes is being aware of what tournaments are being offered to see if any pique your interest. In addition to checking them out on IM Leagues, students can find details of these events in their residence halls, the front desk at the Athletic & Wellness Center and social media accounts. (Instagram: @npwellrec, @nphawksim. Twitter: @npwellrec.)

The second step is signing up through IM Leagues. New Paltz just made the switch to the service last year to help put all the information in one concise place, so students could see the different matchups and opponents they would have, as well as current standings for all those in the tournaments. Once signed up, students will receive a reminder from the app on the day of the tournament along with an email from Makarewicz confirming their registration.

The final step is showing up to the event. Makarewicz explained that all the equipment is provided and will be set up, so all students need to do is come and be ready to play.

“One of the biggest things I can say is to just come out and try any of the events we offer! You never know which ones you will like or the friends you can make by playing on a team or within the leagues,” Makarewicz said.

Jessica Graepel is a second-year outfielder/catcher on the New Paltz Softball team. She said she would be interested in participating in a home run derby.

“If I had free time I would definitely be signing up for them,” Graepel said. “They are a good way for people to be involved even during a pandemic. Also, being on campus this year can get very boring, so these activities can give people stuff to do.”

For students who want to get active and involved in the school, but may not necessarily want to be on a sports team, these intramural tournaments are the way to go. They’re fun, social and most importantly, good for your health.

“I think more people should sign up, especially if they are looking to get more involved on campus,” Graepel said. “They are great opportunities to meet new people and make friends as well as stay active.”

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