Deep End: Crimson Crush

Crimson Crush has been playing venues such as Snug's in New Paltz for the past two semesters.

Looking for a new band to scope out in New Paltz? Well, look no further: Crimson Crush has you covered. The indie rock band is composed of five second year students; guitarist and vocalist Jimmy Purr, vocalist Gabbi Bush, guitarists Matt Florio and John Roy, bassist Sarah Hock, and first year drummer Taylor Setterstrom. They are based in New Paltz and have shows in different places around town. 

This past weekend, I attended one of their performances at Snugs on Main Street. They each played their own instruments and sang covers of some classic rock and indie songs. After the show, Jimmy Purr described how the band came to be. 

“It’s a pretty funny story about how we formed,” Purr stated. “John and I have been playing together for over a year. We played on and off with Sarah and Gabbi for the past year as well. Last winter, Sarah introduced us to Matt, who happened to be my neighbor in Bliss Hall. The second he walked into the multi-purpose room, we didn’t know what to expect. He picked up his guitar and started shredding, and we were amazed.” 

He then described how the band almost felt complete, as the five members began to rehearse together. Soon, Matt introduced the band to his friend Taylor, who became the drummer of the band. 

“On the day the six of us united, it clicked together… It was definitely something special.” Purr reflected. 

You can catch Crimson Crush performing in Parker Quad later this semester.

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