The Deep End: Samantha Comes

Samantha Comes makes jewelry and sells it on the New Paltz campus.

What better way to spend quarantine than turning a hobby into a business? That’s the story of how Samantha Comes started her business, SCJewelryArt.

Sam is a senior graphic design student at New Paltz. She was inspired to start her business after seeing clay earrings on Pinterest and wanted to make her own. She didn’t set out to start a business ­— in fact, SCJewelryArt was created per her friends requests.

“I was making these pieces for my friends at the beginning of the pandemic, and then my friend asked if she could buy some for her friend,” Sam said. “Then I figured, okay, I should make a logo and make this a business.”

Sam creates earrings, necklaces and keychains. Some are her classic clay pieces while others are flowers she picks that are frozen in time in a UV Resin. 

Her pieces are pictured on the store’s Instagram, @s.cjewelry and can be bought through the SCJewelryArt Etsy page. Sam also has a pop-up shop in the New Paltz Market on Thursdays, located outside the Lecture Center. According to her most recent Instagram post, she has sold over 300 pairs of earrings.

“It’s a really fun side hustle… the fact that people are enjoying my jewelry and wearing them, it’s really fun to see,” Sam said.

On top of her creations, she also takes custom requests for pieces.

To support a small, female-owned business visit Sam at her SCJewelryArt pop-up shop at the next New Paltz Market on Thursday Oct. 21 or support her through her Etsy shop.

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