DJ’s Give You Wings

Three SUNY New Paltz DJ’s spun their way to the top in hopes of becoming the Red Bull DJ Master.

The 21-plus event was held on Tuesday, April 3, at P&G’s Bar and Grill from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. Sean Garry (DJ Seany Shorts), Conor Mascola (DJ Red ScaRe) and Jake Freedman (DJ Snakes) each competed for the title.

Brittany Hunt, the SUNY New Paltz Red Bull student representative, said although the DJ Master event has been happening for a few years, this year was the first time it was held in New Paltz.

“It’s been all over the country,” Hunt said. “My manager now said that he has done this event hundreds of times and that it’s successful every time. People love it.”

Hunt said the three DJ’s were chosen by word of mouth.

“One of the DJ’s [Freedman] specifically told me that he really tries to be unique, so I totally took advantage of that and I wanted him to be there,” she said.

Mascola, a fourth-year radio and television production major, said he has been spinning for two years and originally started DJing at house parties.

“I got involved in the event through the area Red Bull promoter who attends New Paltz [Hunt],” he said. “I was actually referred to her by a student who knew I had ability and who thought I’d enjoy this event.”

Each DJ was given about an hour of playing time and the order they performed in was chosen randomly at the beginning of the night.

“They take the top off of [Red Bull cans] and then they put it into a container designated to each DJ,” Hunt said. “That’s how they vote.”

Garry, a fourth-year finance major, said he has been playing mostly progressive house music for about two years.

“I have always loved music, and EDM [Electronic Dance Music] is spreading faster than anyone really expected,” he said. “Being a part of festivals and live music helps you appreciate every aspect of it.”

Garry won the title of the Red Bull Master, along with a prize, Red Bull and “bragging rights,” Hunt said.

Later this month, Red Bull will be holding another event at SUNY New Paltz — the “Red Bull 5 Spot,” a soccer tournament. A specific date has not been chosen yet, but it is tentatively set for the end of April or the beginning of May.

“It’s not really competitive – it’s just for fun,” Hunt said. “It was so successful last semester that we wanted to do it again.”