Dogs of New Paltz

Before being adopted by Borgese, Bob Marley was malnurished and injured. Now he enjoys comfy naps and play time.

Dogs of New Paltz features the friendliest, most adventurous dogs located across the New Paltz area. This week’s featured dog is named after a reggae legend.

Name and Breed

Anthony Borgese’s pit bull-mix, Bob Marley, was adopted at a shelter. He was brought in with scents of the devil’s lettuce, hence his name. However, he was clearly sweet enough for Borgese to want him for himself, despite the common misconception that this breed is dangerous. Pit bulls may become aggressive if they are not delivered love and attention. The myth that pit bulls are born vicious is untrue; any dog may develop aggressive tendencies if neglected.

About Bob Marley

An interesting fact about Bob Marley—still the dog—is that his head is massive, and his favorite toy is a duck that his owner treated him with when they first made one another’s acquaintance.

“I wanted to get a dog because I’ve always had a special place in my heart for dogs. After moving away from my parents, I missed the feeling of coming home to my dog greeting me at the door,” Borgese said.

Borgese has only had Bob Marley for almost two weeks now, but their bond is already unbreakable; nothing could possibly come between them—except, perhaps, his duck.

Bob Marley’s Pastimes

Coming in with great might, at 2 years old and 60 pounds of steel, Bob Marley is as chill as his name suggests, as he spends his free time relaxing with his pals on the couch.

“He was found wandering the streets; he was underweight and malnourished. He came in with several scars on his body, and some kind of injury to his back leg. They said his injuries may have been from being hit by a car. He’s put on about eight pounds since he was first brought in, and is getting stronger and happier every day,” Borgese said.

Despite prior pain, the pair quickly became inseparable through Borgese’s adoration for and adoption of his best pal, Bob Marley.