Dogs of New Paltz

Dogs of New Paltz features the friendliest, most adventurous dogs located across the New Paltz area. This week’s featured dog is an 11-month-old shih tzu named Ginger.

In the stunning conclusion of 2017’s Dogs of New Paltz, we’re arguably looking at our cutest, sweetest, most lovable pup yet. As the cold allegedly approaches, warm your heart with fourth year communication disorders major Dana Liuzzi’s fluffy little girl.

Ginger, the 11-month-old puppy enjoys taking naps and playing games with her owner. She also loves to walk around the neighborhood and socialize with other dogs.

Name and Breed 

Ginger is an 11-month-old shih tzu. At around 12 pounds and some room to grow, she hits the perfect range for the breed’s ideal weight, which is 10-19 pounds. Liuzzi describes her as being perfect lap size. Shih tzu’s coats can grow to very long lengths, so Ginger has what’s referred to as a “teddy bear cut.” This is because the short hair combined with the breed’s distinct underbite makes it resemble a grumpy teddy bear.

About Ginger

However, Ginger is anything but grumpy, except in the presence of squirrels. She loves to be pet around her teddy bear face and ears. 

She also loves to walk around and socialize with other dogs in the neighborhood. Being aware of Ginger’s inquisitive soul, Liuzzi speculates that these walks sometimes seem to be more about exploring and “sniffing everything up” than anything else. 

Ginger lives for the thrill of the chase, resorting to stealing socks and other things she knows she’s not supposed to have in order to attract a pursuer. 

Her favorite foods are fruit: strawberries, bananas, watermelon and blueberries (something her and I have in common).

Ginger’s Pastimes

Ginger loves to play around and have a good time. One of her favorite toys is a small bowl, which she likes to push around on tiled floors. “I think she likes it cause she feels like she’s fighting with something,” Liuzzi said. 

Ginger also recently learned how to play soccer. Liuzzi said she can kick the ball to her and Ginger will either pass it back with a nose push or simply bring it back in her mouth.