Election Night 2012 – Live Coverage

To Be Part Of The Conversation, Head To SUNY New Paltz’s Multi-Purpose Room Tonight From 10:30 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Welcome to “The New Paltz Oracle’s” Election Night 2012 Live Coverage Dashboard! We are reporting live from SUNY New Paltz’s Multipurpose Room in the Student Union to give you up-to-the-second coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election. Below you will find interviews, videos, pictures and a live blog of how New Paltz and it’s campus community are feeling as the clock winds down and the ballots come flowing in.
Below, our team of reporters will be updating you with reactions from across campus, showing you relevant news from across the country and guiding you through election night from our HQ in the Student Union Multipurpose Room.

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All Photos Above By Robin Weinstein






  1. SUNY New Paltz Students Break Down Conventions – (The Legislative Gazette) Earlier this semester, SUNY New Paltz’s Public Affairs Reporting class surveyed students and their biggest concerns heading toward Nov. 6.
  2. NYPIRG Helps Raise Voter Registration Numbers – (The New Paltz Oracle) Over the course of the semester, NYPIRG has helped register over 1,500 new voters at SUNY New Paltz.