Musician of the Week: Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy
Emily Murphy

YEAR: Fourth

MAJOR: Piano Performance and Contemporary Music

HOMETOWN: Nicholville, N.Y.

What is your instrument of choice? Why?

Piano. I’ve always liked it and I’m obsessed with it. I started playing in seventh grade. I tried teaching myself at first and then I started taking lessons.

Who are you currently listening to?

My senior recital is coming up so I’m listening to a lot of who I’m playing: Brahms, Debussy.  Matthew Good too, he’s Canadian.

Who are your main influences?

My piano teachers that I’ve had. My teacher here has totally changed the way I play. I saw Hiromi a few weeks ago and it was so inspiring. It made me either want to quit or practice more.

What do you do with music on/off-campus?

I play clarinet in the symphonic band and piano in a chamber ensemble. I also work as a church organist. And I have five students in Highland Falls. I have a senior recital on Saturday, May 7 at 1 p.m.

What will you do with your degree?

I applied to grad school for music education. I got into Crane to be a band teacher. I’d like to continue teaching piano privately and just get better and better at piano. I’d like to teach high school and eventually college level.

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