Emma Lynch Receives MHHRA Scholarship

The Mid-Hudson Human Resources Association (MHHRA) and the School of Business   announced Emma Lynch as the recipient of the 2011-2012 HR Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship.

Lynch feels honored to be the recipient of scholarship from the MHHRA.

“I feel very fortunate and happy to have received this scholarship. I am currently studying abroad in New Zealand and this scholarship has helped me significantly with costs involved in attending university here,” Lynch, a fourth-year business management and international business major said.

This scholarship was established in 2006 by the MHHRA to recognize and encourage New Paltz students interested in pursuing a career in the human resources field.

According to the MHHRA website, the mission of the organization is to give professionals in human resources an opportunity to meet and discuss their shared interest in the field.

Applicants who were active members of the Management Association (MA) were given preference. The MA is the New Paltz student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, an affiliate of the MHHRA.

Dean of the School of Business Hadi Salavitabar said he is excited to have a School of Business student chosen as the winner of the scholarship.

“I am very delighted to have HR Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship in our school and award it to very deserving students,” Salavitabar said. “This scholarship became possible because generous donation from the Mid-Hudson Human Resources Association.”

To find the scholarship, Lynch looked through the scholarship catalog that comes out every spring to find the scholarships she could apply for. From there she had to get recommendations from professors.

The faculty of the school completed the final selection process.

“The applications for this scholarship were carefully reviewed by our School Faculty Scholarship Committee and they selected Emma as the one most closely meeting the requirements of the scholarship,” Salavitabar said.

After graduating this spring, Lynch plans on staying at New Paltz for a fifth year to enroll in the graduate program for the School of Business.

“After completing my MBA, who knows? I would love to find a job that would allow me to travel or I could see myself being involved with the business aspects of the art world, but only time will tell,” Lynch said. “I could also see myself opening up a business, possibly a cafe or bed and breakfast type of place, but that is more of a future goal for me.”