YEAR: First

MAJOR: Music, Classical Violin

HOMETOWN: Queens, N.Y.

What’s your instrument of choice and why?

 The violin is my primary and most treasured instrument — it’s beautifully carved, conveniently sized, and with different techniques of playing and can produce a variety of powerful and bright tones.

 What are you involved with musically?

The College-Youth Symphony, Orchestra Melodia and Movement and Monday-night Navigators for Christ Bible Study.

 Who are your biggest influences?

 I was first inspired to play violin in the fourth grade after watching a PBS program featuring André Rieu. From then on, my elderly violin teacher of 10 years, Patricia Anne Liu, has taught me discipline through violin in addition to other life lessons. 

 Who have you been listening to lately?

Alexander Scriabin, a Russian composer and pianist. His music requires an acquired taste. 

 What’s your plan for the future?

 I’m trying to become an elementary school teacher and teach violin. I would also love to be involved in a professional orchestra somewhere.

 Any advice for aspiring musicians?

 Take the time to learn and perfect all the technical stuff, like intonation, fingerings or bow placement, then the music will not only sound beautiful, but it will find its own voice through the musician.