Fake News and Fake Clinics Right Here in New Paltz

In today’s political climate, where women’s rights are under attack, the International Socialist Organization (ISO) club feels this is the most pertinent time to organize a rally against The Bravo Center.

The Bravo Center, located at 246 Main St., claims to be a women’s health and pregnancy support center, but there have been several discretional allegations by women who went into the clinic and were falsely informed or given misleading information about their options.

Fake women’s health centers are not uncommon in the U.S. In fact, the Charlotte Lozier Institute research committee estimates that there are 2,752 fake clinics across the United States. Which means, women across America are being shamed and misguided about their current reproductive-health-care options by these tax-funded clinics. 

When ISO gathered for their last club meeting, they took serious actions towards protesting The Bravo Center by proposing a rally on Friday, Oct.19 at 1:30 p.m. starting in front of the Humanities building. 

“We need to protest to make the case for having an action as opposed to waiting, and voting, or waiting and doing nothing,” said club E-board member Molly Seiden at their last meeting. 

As mostly SUNY New Paltz students, the club members are also concerned with the campus health center’s distribution of pamphlets advertising The Bravo Center. It does, however, state, “The services offered by Bravo are in no way connected to SUNY New Paltz.”

The ISO, in their official press release, stated, “We are organizing to expose this fake clinic and demand the right to safe, accessible abortions. Crisis pregnancy centers are fake clinics that provide false information to pregnant people by posing as places that provide accurate information related to an unwanted pregnancy.

“The centers then proceed to dissuade people, often with lies, deception, and medically inaccurate information about abortion. This protest comes as Brett Kavanaugh, a pro-life bigot and accused sexual predator, has been confirmed as the latest member of the Supreme Court and threatens the hard won right to abortion represented by Roe V. Wade. The organizers invite all those concerned about defending reproductive justice to participate in this action.”

The rally will also provide information about why these organizations exist, how to stop them and where to find the right healthcare. 

In preparation for next Friday’s protest, ISO will also be hosting sign making events open to the public on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 6 p.m. in the Sojourner Truth Library lobby. 

For more information, contact hudsonvalleysocialists@gmail.com.