Familiar Faces: Erik Tellone

Erik Tellone, the Customer Service Employee at Stop & Shop
Erik Tellone, the Customer Service Employee at Stop & Shop

Annie Yu: Where are you from originally? And how did you end up in New Paltz?

Erik Tellone: Washingtonville. I started here in 2005. Something just told me to go here. Oneonta and here were my top two, and I passed by this school one day and just had a feeling.

AY: Do you have any pets?

ET: Yes. Two dogs and a cat. Zoe is the one dog and the other dog is new, so I think her name is Cassie. And the cat’s name is Sassy. That’s right, they rhyme.

AY: Since you’ve been here for about five years, what is a hard obstacle or a difficult situation you’ve overcome?

ET: I guess really, honestly, just opening up. I’m not necessarily a shy person but more of a private person. It took about a semester and a half and when I did, it was really great – that’s what led to Hall Government and RA, and now CDA.

AY: Looking back on your years here, what’s a good memory?

ET: Working as an RA and meeting so many people. Even still, that’s the one thing that holds me to this school. All the different everything – people, friendships, etc.

AY: Since you’ve been in the education undergrad program and now the business grad program, has there been someone who’s inspired you and made your stay here better?

ET: I worked as a TA last semester with a chemistry professor and that was cool because I got to see the other side. The professor’s name was Pamela St. John. Also, Chris Sgro was my organic chemistry lab instructor and I ended up observing him in Highland High School for my fieldwork observations and we’ve kept in touch ever since. It’s cool that I’ve been able to keep in touch with professors outside the classroom setting.

AY: If a new student came to you for advice about how to make the most of their experience at NP, what would you say?

ET: Try new things. Getting involved. Just doing anything that you wanna do or even things that you don’t want to do ‘cause you might find that you like it. At least, that’s my experience.