Finest of Arts

Many students displayed their work at the BFA Exhibition Part II on May 6.
Many students displayed their work at the BFA Exhibition Part II on May 6.

After the completion of the semester, BFA student Allison Krein displayed her sculpture at The Dorsky for all eyes to see.

“It took me all semester to make, even with help,” Krein said about her sculpture. “It technically took a year for the entire process.”

The sculpture is similar to a smoke stack, featuring little puffs of smoke. It extended from the floor all the way to the ceiling, starting out small at the bottom and expanding as it rises.

Krein wasn’t the only one showcasing her work. Twenty other students featured their senior thesis as part of the BFA Exhibition Part II on Friday, May 6.

Family, friends and art fans all filled the museum to show their support of the young artists.

“The turnout is great, it’s excellent to see students and their friends as well as families coming from far away,” said Brian Wallace, curator of the event. “We love putting on these shows.”

The event had a variety of artistic styles, including photography, sculptures and paintings.

Housed in the Alice and Horace Chandler Gallery and North Gallery of The Dorsky, Krein’s work, among others, lined the walls and floor.

Krein’s hard work was evident in her artwork with a sculpture she used as an outlet for her feelings.

“My inspiration was my family and the hard times everyone goes through,” Krein said. “It was an explosion of my emotions.”

Other students, like Allison Carroll, featured drawings and paintings of people with an abstract twist. Brendan Oldham’s work, titled “Some Kind of Nature,” featured sculptures of the human heart and brain.

Kara Hoblin created paintings she calls, “In the Realm I-VII,” that focus on darker emotions, such as feelings of fear, pain and hopelessness. Michael Milograno’s wild sculpture, titled “The Plaid Bear,” took a brighter perspective, featuring bright green and yellow.

The exhibit ended on May 10.