Four New Establishments Set to Open Up in New Paltz

Main Street will see three new venues opening in the coming weeks, and an additional one pending a public hearing. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Main Street is seeing a major shake up with four new establishments taking root in the coming weeks. At least three of these new venues will be restaurants. 

Burger Box, Green Bar and A! Pizza are three of the venues expected to open soon on Main Street. Murphy’s was also recently sold and it is rumored that a piano bar will open in its place.

Green Bar aims to bring more healthy food options, such as açaí bowls and avocado toast to the area, according to one of the two owners, Danielle Wilson. Their staple foods will be smoothie bowls, smoothies, shakes, organic juices, oatmeal bowls and toasts.

Wilson grew up in New Paltz and her fellow owner, Harrison Rhee, moved from New Jersey to make Green Bar possible here in town. 

“We are really striving to bring more health friendly options to this town and make people feel the great health benefits from juicing and other superfoods that make your body and mind feel amazing,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, Rhee is really passionate about juicing. Green Bar will have many options in the hopes that everyone finds something they like including drinks like an “Earth Green” juice and a “Nutella Shake.”

They will also be offering a 10% student discount and delivery on DoorDash. In addition, they will be offering dietary substitutes like Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

Mexican Kitchen’s Adam Monteverde, who is also the owner of A! Pizza, declined to comment at this time since a lot of the details are still being worked out. 

However, Christiana Fierro, a third-year majoring in public relations, used to work for Monteverde at Mexican Kitchen and had nothing but kind things to say about the experience.

“I worked there for almost a year and I really loved it there – it’s probably one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever done,”  Fierro said. “When I first started working there I had zero restaurant experience and they still gave me a shot. It was almost like they were my little restaurant parents, you know like, I just felt really comfortable with them.”

Murphy’s closed its doors for the last time this past week. According to Shawn Minter ‘20, a previous employee at Murphy’s, the bar was purchased by Ed Carrol who hopes to turn it into a piano bar. Hudson Valley One reports that there is a public hearing for Carrol’s application on May 18. 

“The Verney family ran the bar for 34 years. It started with Jimmy ‘Skip’ Verney before being handed down to his son who is Kenny Verney who everyone knows,” Minter said. “It was a very special place filled with a great crowd and Kenny’s family treated every staff member like they were their own blood. Working that was not only a job, it was an experience where you got to learn life lessons from everyone around you.”  

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