Garyn The Great

Coaches said Lindsey Garyn, who is graduating at the end of the semester, has been a driving force for the Hawks in her career.

As her final season comes to a close, fourth-year tennis player Lindsey Garyn said she doesn’t have many regrets. In fact, there may only be one.

“I regret it now going to Tampa for two years,” said Garyn. “I wish I spent all four years in New Paltz.”

Garyn has been one of the top players for the New Paltz Tennis team since her arrival after transferring from a Div. II school, the University of Tampa. Originally, Garyn had played soccer until 10th grade and decided then that she would rather make the switch to tennis.

Garyn said that by switching from soccer to tennis, she wanted to prove that she could do whatever she set her mind to.

“I was always a big soccer player and played since I was 5 years old,” said Garyn. “I decided in 10th grade to quit soccer and try tennis. My dad told me not to but I kind of wanted to prove him wrong…I made the team but played in the last slot but I worked so hard to prove to him and myself that I can do anything I put my mind to…in 11th and 12th grade I was the first slot and our team won the county championship.”

When applying to schools, Garyn said that New Paltz and the University of Tampa were her top two college choices. Tennis Head Coach Robert Bruley said he saw potential in Garyn while recruiting.

Bruley said he instantly knew that she was a valuable player to try and bring to his team.

“From the very first time I saw her hit, I knew she was the kind of player that I wanted on the program at New Paltz,” he said. “I knew she would bring a very competitive edge to our program and enhance both our doubles and singles positions. She brings great work ethic and doesn’t like to lose.”

While Garyn’s college tennis career began in Tampa, Fla., she knew she wanted to eventually come to New Paltz. Garyn said that she didn’t hesitate at all when deciding to transfer schools.

“I applied to other schools but only wanted New Paltz because I knew the location was nice, the tennis girls were the same level as I was and coach Bruley was a major part of me coming here,” Garyn said.

When Coach Bruley got the call from Garyn saying she wanted to transfer, he said he was “extremely excited.”

“I knew with Lindsey on the program in the two years that she had left that the program was going to be successful,” said Bruley. “I had just graduated Dana Lim and Steph [Schara] did not have a doubles partner, so when Lindsey turned up straight away the team was going to be stronger with her and Steph playing No. 1 doubles.”

Since her arrival in New Paltz, Garyn has garnered success. In her first season at New Paltz, she was named to the second All-SUNYAC team and went undefeated in SUNYAC doubles, along with being the SUNYAC runner up at No. 3 singles. This year, she was named to the First All-SUNYAC team and went 9-2 in doubles against all competition during the fall season. Garyn said that she attributes her success to the team’s chemistry and her competitiveness.

“I’m a very competitive person even if I’m not better than my opponent,” said Garyn. “I try and find their weaknesses or frustrate them…if I’m doing something wrong or having trouble coach Bruley comes over and knows exactly what to say. He believes in me and that’s a tremendous help.”

With this being her last season, Garyn said that she wishes her time playing for New Paltz would never end. She values the chemistry that she has on the team, especially with Schara, her doubles partner. Bruley will miss Garyn, as she has become “the model of consistency,” during her time in New Paltz.

“Although she is not Captain of the team, along with Stephanie Schara, she has played a senior role during her two years on the program working with lower classmen on the court and helping with any academic advice she can give to players,” said Bruley. “Lindsey wants to do anything to help improve and maintain the level of the program both on and off the courts.”

Garyn said she values her time at New Paltz and is sad that it is coming to an end.

“It’s sad to be ending my college tennis career,” said Garyn. “But I accomplished so much and wouldn’t want it any other way.”