From Worst to First: New York State Below 1% in New COVID-19 Infections

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The New York State COVID-19 infection rate has remained below 1%, according to an announcement from Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sept. 18.

The announcement noted that there were .88% of COVID-19 tests administered in the state came back positive.  On Sept. 21, the positive cases were .98% out of 58,000 tested. Cuomo said only one New Yorker passed away from COVID-19 on Sept. 20. 

According to Pandemics Explained, a publication in partnership with the Harvard Global Health Institute and the Brown School of Public Health, New York currently ranks 48th for the most positive cases in the country. The Mid-Hudson Valley had 160 new positive cases on Sept. 23 and Ulster County had 115 active cases on Sept. 22. SUNY New Paltz only has two active cases. 

“Our numbers continue to remain steady and our infection rate is again below one percent, which is great news,” Cuomo said in the announcement. “We went from the highest infection rate in the nation to one of the lowest, and that’s a testament to the hard work of New Yorkers, who came together and flattened the curve.” 

Since March, there have been 6,841,366 positive COVID-19 cases in the U.S. The states with the most positive cases currently are Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Utah and Iowa.

Cuomo said that the state must remain disciplined to keep the infection rate low. Specifically, the governor said that there has been a consistent issue with colleges and bars following the COVID-19 protocols. 

So far, the State Police and the State Liquor Authority Task Force found 18 violations across New York. The violations were located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

“Over 4,000 visits, 18 violations of those 4,000,” Cuomo said. “Overall the compliance is still good, but this has always been about the bad apple. We caution New Yorkers about that on a continuing basis.” 

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