Horoscopes: Week of February 23

The sun moves into Pisces on February 19. Photo courtesy of StarRegistration.net

Aries: Be as loyal to yourself as you are to others. People come and go, but you will live with yourself forever. How can you reckon with that? You have to take charge of your own life. Outline your own ambitions and how you can reach them. Don’t get distracted by your hurt. Work to find a way to end it. You are capable and deserving of everything that you want.

Taurus: You’re used to being viewed as put-together, but what do you forget about yourself when you view yourself through the lens of others? While people perceive you positively, they perceive you inauthentically. There is another side of you that deserves to be explored. Balance the parts of you that prefer stability with the parts of you that need to be dared.

Gemini: Do not be rash and dictatorial. You have more confidence in yourself and you’re more eager to materialize your aspirations, but do not use that as an excuse to forget the people around you and their aspirations. Share your ideas and compromise. Work collaboratively and create versions of your goals that feel even truer to yourself.

Cancer: Where do you envision yourself in your ideal reality? How can you get closer to that reality? Even if it’s only in small ways, it’s important that you take the time and effort to be dreamy. You may be doubtful, but there’s also a large part of you begging for a transformation. You can be the one to initiate it.

Leo: You’re under too much stress and pressure, largely from yourself. You’re being drawn to ideas and topics that you’ve never explored before. You’re eager to enter new territory in life, but you’re overwhelmed. Remind yourself that you are powerful. Make a plan. Attack the new world you’re entering with confidence.

Virgo: You need to bring order to your life. You’re at your breaking point. You can’t stay idle. Turn down the outside world and return to yourself. Enjoyment of life might feel impossible, but you need to find ways to make the days bearable. Turn an introspective eye to your mind, assess what’s wrong and what’s right and make the wrong as right as it can be.

Libra: You have so many doubts. There’s too much to think about and do. A part of you thrives on chaos, and a bigger one just wants peace. You’re being drawn towards others but you feel unsafe. How can you find beauty and fulfillment in the gray areas of life? How can you find order amongst yourself and others? Perhaps that order is found in beauty itself. You need to remember the simple peace in detaching from the world for a moment to indulge in creativity.

Scorpio: You’re embracing the more hedonistic side of yourself. You’re imaginative and enamored with fantasy; are you avoiding something? Don’t get lost in a dream. Be careful around others, as relationships may turn unpredictable. Others hold you in high regard during this time, even tending to idolize you, reap the rewards of that and avoid the consequences. Remember yourself, too. You need to recharge yourself as you relish the passions of life.

Sagittarius: You have a primal hunger for comfort. You’re looking for safety in anything and everything you can — in people, in stories, in sleep. None of it feels as fulfilling as it needs to be. To remedy this, you have to return to childhood. What made you feel safest when you were too young to know what true danger was? Paradoxically, the things that scare you now may be what brings you comfort. You were afraid of nothing when you were a child.

Capricorn: Don’t make any deals with the devil. You’re more likely to see things through an idealistic lens, and you don’t feel like yourself. It’s for a reason; your practicality is your strong suit. Through rose-colored glasses, you fall to your doom. Focus on yourself, your work and your happiness, but assess that happiness carefully.

Aquarius: Security is your top priority. You’re looking for a sense of security in everything around you. You’re incredibly focused, pursuing a thousand things at once, largely just to relieve stress. You need to quell your mind for a moment. In your frantic desperation, you’re forgetting the simple security of love and care. There is safety amongst others. You don’t need to fight to achieve that ease.

Pisces: Embrace a rebirth of the self. The burdens of your past are irrelevant. It’s time to move forward relentlessly, to achieve stability amongst relationships and finances, to explore your subconscious without fear. There is much to learn about yourself and the world. What is your purpose on this earth? A question nigh impossible to answer, but one you need to undertake in the month ahead.

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