Horoscopes: Week of December 1

Aries: You’re overcome with frustration. Your aspirations feel impossible to reach, you’re fed up with your friendships and the image that others have of you. You want so much but life gives you so little. Be patient. Soon, you’ll be able to think clearly and rationally. You’ll start to make those aspirations a reality. In the meantime, what matters most is expressing your frustrations in a healthy, productive way.

Taurus: Loss overwhelms you. You’re finding it difficult to function and you aren’t seeing straight. You’re being too hard on yourself, expecting the impossible and not believing you deserve better. You might be overspending or overworking to avoid your feelings, but it all only makes you feel worse. You need to know that you are loved. No matter what happens or how violent your emotions become, you are not alone.

Gemini: Your desires are consuming you. You’re looking to reach new heights in your career, and luck is on your side. However, you find it extremely difficult to act. Plan carefully, as much as you love acting on impulse, and execute those plans when you are ready. It might also be fruitful to chase endeavors with people close to you; their teamwork will help you, and your determination will motivate them. 

Cancer: You find yourself wrapped in anxiety. You’re juggling too many responsibilities at once, yet you’re taking on more and more. Are you trying to distract yourself from your deeper emotions? You’re so involved in others’ matters that you aren’t involved in your own. Take care of yourself the way you take care of others. Trust that everything is going to be okay.

Leo: Take time to foster your mental health. You’ll have a lot of success in really developing yourself and healing your wounds. Practice introspection and take time for yourself. Alone time can be as enjoyable as it is beneficial. Confront yourself nonjudgmentally and watch yourself grow. You have so much beauty inside of you.

Virgo: You’re caught in a crossroads between your work life, your family and your personal relationships. It’s becoming difficult to balance the three, and no matter what you try, you’re left feeling unfulfilled. You’re losing touch with your own needs in the pursuit to fulfill others.’ You can’t keep trying to solve the puzzle of everyone around you.

Libra: You need to stay focused. You’re starting to stray away from the important things in your life. In the everyday mundanities that bore you, you use so many skills and talents that you take for granted. Appreciate yourself. When you avoid your life, you avoid yourself, and you become a shell of yourself along the way. You can’t run right now, and that’s okay. Embrace it.

Scorpio: Don’t take yourself too seriously. You often think of every worst-case scenario in order to prepare yourself for it — but why can’t the best-case scenario happen too? Lose yourself in what you love. Don’t be so afraid of good things that you don’t allow yourself to have them. This can be the beginning of a bountiful time in your life; don’t self sabotage and lose it. 

Sagittarius: Run wild, but not reckless. You’re overflowing with energy, but sometimes, in pursuing all your whims, you end up in conflict and you don’t even realize it. It’s important to learn to meet people halfway. Don’t let your optimism become naivety. At the end of the day, you are only a human being surrounded by other human beings, all of you with your own emotions and perspectives. Your solipsism is pointless

Capricorn: All that you have been avoiding, internally and externally, is bubbling to the surface. You aren’t powerless to it, but you feel as though you are; everything seems like it’s crashing down and you don’t have enough arms to catch the rubble. Pause. Let it all fall so you can learn how to rebuild it. Everything that breaks can be rebuilt. You are a skilled communicator; how can you put in the effort? 

Aquarius: Reflect on your state of mind — are you at peace, or are you overwhelmed? You take so much pride in the excesses you are able to accomplish, but why can’t you rest? Deep down, you know that you are buckling under pressure. How can you correct your burnout before you fall down? Prioritize the right things in your life, no matter how much the wrong things feel like they’re nagging at you.

Pisces: Embrace all of the traits that people make you feel silly for. Your imagination is your inventiveness. You’ve found yourself so blocked off from that side of you, but the blockage is starting to ease. You know more than anyone that, someones, reality is unbearable. Retreat to dreams and watch them become true. Just be careful not to compromise your relationships along the way.

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