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An annular eclipse allowed for thousands across America to witness the “ring of fire” effect.

Aries: You are thinking about your future, about how you are going to move forward, about the options you have right now and what opportunities you can seize to secure a future that is best for you. You have feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, but you must remind yourself that you are in control. You choose the path you venture down. What you seek is fast approaching. Continue to lay the foundations for these opportunities to manifest and you will soon earn your deserved success.

Taurus: You feel carefree and blissful. Past worries about a troubled future have faded and you’re ready to live in the moment. You want to have fun and feel the thrill of making spontaneous decisions. You don’t know what to expect from this attitude and it doesn’t bother you at all. Don’t fool around too much, however, you have several responsibilities that you could easily lose sight of if you let this energy hold too much power over you. Take care of what needs to be taken care of, or it can swiftly end this giddy spell.

Gemini: You are strong. Your efforts are paying off. Pat yourself on the back and allow yourself to brag. Through diligence and positivity, you have created a safe place to grow, to heal and feel hopeful. Things are looking up. Wear this newfound energy on your sleeve. Let yourself radiate with optimism and watch how people begin to gravitate towards you. Those closest to you are looking up to you with awe. Don’t hide your excitement about these fresh feelings.

Cancer: You’re not as discreet as you think you are. You know that what you’re doing won’t help yourself. It’s time to stop sneaking around. Truly acknowledge where you’re at right now and be okay with that. You won’t be met with judgment for opening up about how you feel. Don’t settle for less when better things await. New adventures and forgotten hobbies will present themselves to you. Let yourself become absorbed by the things that truly matter and escape the cycle you’ve let yourself fall into again and again.

Leo: Cheers! You have been celebrating plenty. You feel stable in your relationships and/or finances, and have enjoyed some nights out or gatherings with those close to you. You’ve been waiting to feel like there’s no weight on your shoulders and you’re finally feeling that relief, but be careful about making important decisions on a whim. Don’t let this euphoria turn into egotism. You can have your fun, but remember to keep a level head. 

Virgo: You are at a crossroads. You seek growth and the ability to look ahead, but you’re trapped in the past. Old people and/or habits have returned and are causing you trouble along your healing journey. Don’t let yourself forget the person you want to be again. Don’t rely on past methods you used to exit these weighty situations. Look for new solutions, re-evaluate your approach and don’t allow this to become anything more than a minor setback.

Libra: You have put rationale over your emotions. A decision was made and it wasn’t easy, but you know it was for the better. The future is uncertain and your spirits are low, but you must find solace in yourself. The next decisions you make will feel confusing and you will find yourself in a haze, but it will all be okay in the end. This slow period of growth will amount to great things. Be patient. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Scorpio: You have found yourself among plenty of people who share your desires. In surrounding yourself with similar minds, you’re creating valuable connections and setting yourself up for achieving significant goals in your life. Keep at it. Your work has been skillful and you will be recognized by those important to you for your commitment. As you continue to find community through your work, you’ll only discover more motivation to hone your craft and meet more like-minded individuals.

Sagittarius: You have found a crutch. Someone in your life has been providing you with much of the emotional and mental support that you need. While you feel understood, you also recognize that you have a long way to go in understanding yourself. You must be more gentle and kind with yourself. Step outside of your body and analyze your emotions. You feel jealous or uptight, or you’re lashing out. Spending time with the people closest to you is important, but you must spend time with yourself too.

Capricorn: You’re dealing with a confrontation. Issues that you assumed would work themselves out are doing the opposite and you feel things beginning to boil over. Internal doubts and external affairs are creating a mess of emotions and throwing you off balance. Through communication and openness, you can restore your peace. Let your thoughts run amok, remember they are just thoughts and let them fizzle out. Have the difficult discussions you’ve been putting off. Trust in yourself and your conversation skills. 

Aquarius: You are gleeful, cheery and sociable. You want to explore new things, meet new people and discover new passions. Let your intuition take over and guide you through these child-like feelings. New relationships are on the horizon. You are beginning to enter a new period of your life and you deserve each and every part of it. What you put out, you shall receive. Keep this radiant energy flowing and you can comfortably expect an abundance of opportunities coming your way.

Pisces: You’re not messing around. In a rare move, you’ve placed facts over feelings in recent decisions, whether major or minute. In keeping emotions out of the picture, you’re coming off as more stern and serious. You make yourself understood without any room for interpretation. There’s nothing wrong with this shift, but don’t let it come from a place of past disappointment. Keeping emotions in check is important, but trying to remove them completely from conversations or decision-making won’t heal you. 

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