Horoscopes: May the Force Be With You

ARIES (3/21 – 4/19) — You deserve to have more confidence than you currently do, where a relationship is concerned. What you’ve experienced recently has taken you deep into your self-awareness; now you must use what you know. The potential snag: people change, and relationships change. Sometimes that transformation makes it impossible to relate to someone on previous terms. When both partners are aware, flexible and willing to evolve, then and only then can the relationship grow. The only program you have to get with is that the universe and all of its people are in nonstop motion. One way or another, progress is inevitable. Power Day: May 26

TAURUS (4/20 – 5/20) — You may have to lose yourself before you find yourself. You seem to be swimming from one perspective to another, though don’t take this too seriously. You always know where you are; at the minimum, you’re alive and in your body. If you’re feeling even vaguely lost, come back to what your body needs: is it food, companionship, fresh air, rest, or a little time alone? These are not abstractions. The secret to being happy as a Taurus is to take care of the physical level first. If you drink water, eat nourishing food and sleep at night, your life tends to go well. Power Day: May 30

GEMINI (5/21 – 6/21) — Mars in your sign is pushing you to take sides. Yet you seem to see one side as valid, then see the other as equally valid. Consider that both viewpoints complement one another, and that they work together. Take that a little further and see them as part of the same solution. Life is rarely a question of one side or the other being right. It’s almost always a question of being able to adapt and create a way of thinking, and of working, that actually serves you and your goals. Take a step back and look at the wider landscape. Power Day: May 5

CANCER (6/22 – 7/23) — You’re about to experience a breakthrough on a question involving your career or profession. Yet once you have this information, you’ll need to apply consistent discipline to make it useful. This is the obvious statement that we all need to write on the bathroom mirror. You have all the ambition and all the ideas that you need; you must play shepherd and sheepdog to yourself, and keep your herd of responsibilities grouped together and maintained on a daily and hourly basis. Then when the big idea arrives, you’ll have a system functioning that can help you bring it to fruition. Power Day: May 28

LEO (7/24 – 8/23) — You may feel the need to be more honest with others about who you are, and that’s a healthy impulse. Consider all that you don’t talk about. Notice all that you have not mentioned to close partners and friends. You might question your motives for remaining silent. You can also simply be more forthright and let people into your desires, your thoughts and your feelings, and see what happens. Most people fear disaster would ensue if they told the truth about themselves, though the actual results are usually much more liberating and energizing. Power Day: May 2

VIRGO (8/24 – 9/22) — If you’ve got an idea for an investment or business enterprise, follow your instinct; though don’t gamble everything. Make sure you set enough cash and resources aside to have what you need to cover the basics and then take a reasonable risk with the rest. If a partner is involved, ensure that the collaboration is balanced and that both parties make comparable investments of commitment, time and money. Make sure that the terms of any agreement are clear, in writing, from the outset, especially where money is concerned. This is an important aspect of planning for success. Power Day: May 23

LIBRA (9/23 – 10/22) — The conduct of a close partner may be perplexing to you, though if you look closely you will see the logic. You’ve gone through a rapid series of changes and a phase of, “Give me some room; I’ve got to figure this out.” At this stage of your life, you would be wise to live your relationships in the moment, rather than being distracted by past events or future plans. Is your experience fulfilling to you now? Are you growing and is your situation improving? If you’ve answered no to any of those questions, you need to think carefully about what you’re doing there — and what you really want. Power Day: May 19

SCORPIO (10/23 – 11/22) — Proceed with caution this month where financial matters are concerned. You could easily get caught up in your own excitement or wishful thinking and make a costly error. You may, however, feel like you’re proceeding with the utmost confidence that everything is excellent. You need to reality-check yourself regularly. It would help if you consult with someone who is intelligent and not directly involved in your plans, someone whom you actually respect, and run your financial plans past them at every stage of the game. Listen carefully to what they tell you. And overall, for the next few weeks, when in doubt ask for proof. Power Day: May 9

SAGITTARIUS (11/23 – 12/21) — Your own insecurities may be getting the best of you. You need to get the best of them, first by recognizing how you actually feel. With Mars in your opposite sign Gemini all month, you may feel like others are pressuring you or are being verbally aggressive. You may be confident but you’re also sensitive. Certain comments may go right into you and not seem to come out. Recognizing that, you must hold your boundaries and choose your company carefully. Holding your boundaries means standing up for yourself and learning to say, and mean, “This is not acceptable.” Power Day: May 12

CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/20) — While it may seem that a relationship is changing, what’s really evolving is your concept of what a relationship should be. Nearly all the prevailing notions of relationship lack clear expectations, and most lack dependable role models. It’s time to raise your awareness about these matters and take a step in the direction that follows your other advances in maturity. The bottom line in any successful relationship is that people share the same spiritual goals and agree how they plan to get there. Then, life happens — though at least you have those underlying principles as your foundation. Power Day: May 29

AQUARIUS (1/21 – 2/19) — You’re going through a kind of initiation: the emergence from one distinct phase of your life to another, in the most positive sense. Initiation is a concept that’s all but missing from Western culture. Think of it as a graduation: emerging to a higher level of growth and challenge. Now you must be your own master: of ethics, of keeping the promises you make and of focusing on the higher purpose of your life. Higher purpose means knowing why you’re doing something rather than just doing it. Opening up that topic might seem overwhelming, but it’s time to ask real questions so you get real answers. Power Day: May 10

PISCES (2/20 – 3/20) — The price one pays for success is responsibility. Once you accept that, success will be all the sweeter. It will push you to be a better person, more confident in yourself, more reliable and more honest with yourself and others. The image of doing well is rather different from the reality. We are constantly confronted by celebrities who seem not to have a care in the world. For you, three parts service to one part glory is the ideal formula. Wake up every morning and remind yourself that you have a job to do, so you may as well do the best job you can.  Power Day: May 3