How to Succeed in Business

The School of Business will induct two honorary members at their Sigma Beta Delta ceremony on Friday, May 6.

Sigma Beta Delta, an international honor society in business, administration and finance will be inducting Antonio Bonilla, director of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), and Marda Reid, assistant to the vice president of Human Resources.

The two new honorary members are being inducted “for their untiring and invaluable contributions to the School of Business and the college community,” according to an announcement on the official SUNY New Paltz website.

Reid said she is excited about the induction and that it is one of the biggest highlights of her career.

“My family and friends will travel some distance to be at the ceremony,” she said. “I have had a long standing relationship with the School of Business. I am very honored to be part of the excellence that is consistently demonstrated in the School of Business.”

Both inductees have educational backgrounds based in New Paltz. Bonilla attained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Spanish and a Master’s Degree in Humanistic Multicultural Education. Reid began her college career at Marist College, but came back later as a non-traditional student at SUNY New Paltz. She received a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Arts through the Psychology Department.

Each inductee credits their success to different things. Bonilla said his passion is what has led to his success.

“The field of student advising and student development is rewarding,” Bonilla said. “Having the opportunity to help students find their way and preparing them for the real world is challenging and rewarding.”

Reid said she credits her success to ambition.

“It is my desire to get things done,” Reid said. “As one moves up the career ladder, one’s influence grows and it becomes easier to make a big impact for the better.  I am always looking for an opportunity to improve myself and our work environment at New Paltz.”

Reid said she has had a very successful working relationship with the School of Business over the years.

She said she believes her ability to work with all constituencies on the campus and her balanced approach to problem solving promotes this type of relationship.

According to Reid, going to college was a life changing experience for her.

“It helped me build a lot of confidence and broadened my view of my future,” she said. “I have had several very impressive mentors and colleagues who have supported and guided me to meet my personal goals.”

Throughout her experience at New Paltz, Reid has worked with people who she calls “inspiring, committed and motivated.”

Bonilla said becoming director of the EOP was a dream come true.

“My hard work and passion paid off and it was acknowledged by honoring me with the opportunity to lead this department,” he said.