It’s Not a Goodbye, It’s a See You Later

How do I say goodbye to this office that has been a second home to me for the past three years? I will certainly miss the people that have made the nights on the copy desk and on InDesign something special. For starters, I must thank those who have helped me grow.

Melanie, I know your time as editor-in-chief was short, but you’ve shown networking and reporting skills that are truly hard to come by. You always keep yourself focused on the goals ahead when everything seems so stressful and my respect for you as a journalist has only grown every semester that I’ve been here. I can’t wait to see what kind of big story you’ll be breaking the news on when you get to the real world.

Rachael, your outlook and optimism toward the future of this publication is something you can not train people to have. You came in with ideas right from the start on how to make this paper better, and it is a strong quality to have going into any profession. You’re full of experiences, and hearing “guess what I did this weekend” every Monday or Tuesday was always a line that I couldn’t not be curious about. You’ve faced adversity, you’ve done what every reporter should do on this paper and you’ve always been in it from the start. I hope you go out and continue to do big things. 

Meg, I will miss our occasional sass moments on Wednesday afternoons or during production nights. You are such a kind individual, and you asking me if everything is okay when I’m having a stressful time trying to figure out my section a few hours before publication always helped. You immediately made an impact on your story about spoons and you showed that you can make an impact immediately on this paper. You’re gonna do great things in the future. 

Briana, one of the most helpful and amazing people in this room. It has always been a pleasure to sit next to you and get your feedback and advice on how to lay out a certain page, figure out what pictures to use, or how we should lay out The Gunk. I felt like this semester we had a small tag team duo going from time to time, and I could only imagine how much we’d grow if we had more time here. I’m excited to see what work you produce at Chronogram.

Michael, I remember coming onto this staff and us being sports copy editors together. Our knowledge of sports helped make the sports section more than just great. Although I’m not technically on the section anymore, I still feel like I am deep down inside. Having a communicative and knowledgeable section like that is something special. I’ll miss hearing your contagious laugh in this office, hearing you rattle off Mets facts, or just going off about anything. You have an incredible work ethic and you’re gonna be the best of all the Rosen’s out in the sports world. These beautiful blue eyes will miss you dearly Young Michael. 

Jackson, every time I saw you in this office, you’ve made the quote board. You had comebacks, jokes, and catchphrases coming right off the top of your head. I still don’t know how you talk about any movie, song or anything arts and entertainment related. Literally, anything, and you knew all about it. I’ve never seen anything like it. You know how to talk and you know how to write. You’ve never failed to impress me. I knew I would end up laughing hysterically every time I saw you in the office and it was always something to look forward to. Thank you for making an impact on my time here. 

Jack, every single time I’ve been in the office with you there, it’s always been an amazing experience in some way. Your enthusiasm, charisma and work ethic is always something I’ll always look up to. The way you developed connections with everyone around you and the way you’ve made a name for yourself on this staff is like no other. I will be hitting at least one home run in every Game 7 of the World Series for you. 

Melissa, I know you’re killing it and continuing your love for sports at Newsday right now. You always looked so hard to find the right job and your judgments have always been strong. I truly miss talking Islanders with you because like me, you know pretty much everything that goes on with this team currently. You helped me grow from the beginning, and you showed me what worked and what didn’t. You made an effort to get to know me from the start and hang out with me outside of the newspaper. Sports has been strong thanks to the level of communication all of us had and we are passing it down. Thank you for being my Isles buddy and helping me grow inside and out of the newsroom. 

Sam Manzella, I’ve truly missed seeing your amazing reporting on staff this semester. You were amazing when we were on the copy desk and you were even better as A&E editor. You love to write and just seeing how excited you got over your progress on class projects was something I’ve always admired. I have no doubt you’re going to establish a stellar career. 

Kristen and Nate, you guys were a strong tag team duo. You always knew what to do and always demonstrated good reporting and work ethic on top of the million other things you had to outside of the paper. I’m more than glad that I had the opportunity to work with you two.

Brandon, your reporting skills and your outfit game were a deadly combo. You always had consistency and trustworthiness. You are a humble reporter and I hope to see you reporting with UFC or any mixed martial arts business in the future… a lot sooner than later, cause you will do great. 

Chris, the passion you demonstrate when you talk about any topic is astounding. You have a diverse skillset that makes for one of the most excellent reporters on staff. You know what you’re talking about and you can give a voice to just about any issue that’s going on currently. You have a bright future ahead of you Chris. 

Rob, or Ron. You know, different name, same hilarious guy. I can only say so much. You’ve truly made production nights the best. Whether it was the spontaneous moment during production nights where you play Brokencyde on your speaker, talking with me about sports, writing podcasts and a hilarious television show script for Holly’s class, every experience was extremely memorable. Your presence made such a strong impact in the newsroom from the start, and you always had something to talk about. You are personable, funny and an incredibly talented writer. Recruiting you for sports was one of the best decisions The Oracle has ever made. You are going to be a wonderful managing editor. You bring in every skill that the position has to offer. From, your sweet prince. 

Matt Ferremi, I have loved having you on this staff. You have grown tremendously on a weekly basis since you’ve been here. I’m glad you’ve had the ability to experience the brilliance sports has to offer. I’m excited to see you grow even more with the News Editor position, I have faith that you’ll do great. “Will, are you crying?”

Madalyn, you’ve impressed me right from the beginning. I would get back edits for a story that was on the table, and you would go above and beyond to fact check something when you weren’t even assigned to fact check. You’ve always done noticeable things even though I didn’t really get a chance to talk with you much. You’ll make a great A&E Editor. 

Natalie, the creative backbone of Features. You’ve always had something funny to say during production night and I’ve loved the improvement you had over the course of this semester. I’m handing the torch to you, and I know you have the potential to make Features even better. 

Julia, I know we just met this semester, but you’ve made an impact on this paper already and you have an excellent writing style. I hope I was able to make an impact in your time here in some way. You were a pleasure to be around and you will do great things here. 

I will certainly miss everyone who has made the experience between these orange walls a memorable one, but it is not a goodbye, it is a see you later. Thank you to The New Paltz Oracle for giving me an opportunity to jumpstart my career and giving me the experiences I would not have gotten anywhere else.