Jared Becomes Jarhead: Getting a Buzz Cut

There are plenty of opportune times in one’s life that warrant getting a buzz cut. Removing your hair can be the answer to your problems. Mental breakdown? Shave it off. Life is getting too stale? Shave it off. Sick of your current hairstyle? Shave it off. 

Taking inspiration from some of my favorite musicians and in the midst of an anxiety crisis, I buzzed my head this past November for the first time since my sophomore year of high school, and did it again recently in early April. Granted, in high school I went for the “bald” look, making my track coach at the time call me a “neo-Nazi” the first time he laid his eyes on my shiny shaved head. Looking back, I cringe at my choice of hairdo. Therefore, I’ve currently opted to keep my hair half an inch at the longest with a fade down the sides (yet all of my barbers continue to chop off my widow’s peak, to my disappointment). Short and sweet. 

It’s understandable that the idea of getting a buzz cut can be quite daunting to many people. Hearing the clippers come to life and feeling clumps of your hair that you’ve worked so long trying to perfect falling off of your scalp can be either horrifying or freeing depending on who you are and the headspace you are in. When I got one for the first time in years, I couldn’t help but smile. My naturally curly hair had a knack for falling flat throughout the course of the day, and I had enough. The buzz cut hairstyle is generally viewed as a more acceptable haircut for males rather than females due to its military heritage, but I argue that anybody can look good with it, regardless of the gender you identify with or the shape of your head. If Chris Martin, Joji, Halsey and Britney Spears could pull it off, then so can you.

Once you decide to get a buzz cut, you don’t have to keep getting one, as the novelty may wear off over time. Try it once and if you despise it, then I have good news for you: hair grows back! Who knows, maybe your hair will grow back differently and you’ll have a new appreciation for your flow. However, there is absolutely no shame in rocking one for an extended period of time. There are many positive aspects about getting one, if you choose to get buzzed. There is no need to do your hair in the morning, just get up and go. “Hat hair” is virtually banished from existence with such short hair. Your shampoo will last even longer. Personally, I find that getting one increases confidence. The fact that you had the guts to do a stylistic 180-degree turn and take off your hair is admirable. It’s symbolic of a clean slate and a simple life. I like to think of a buzz cut as a tattoo without the obvious drawbacks. It isn’t permanent, yet it sticks out and makes a loud statement. It symbolizes strength, as members of the armed forces are required to don the “jarhead” look. It’s also very fun to run your hands through your fuzzy and slightly prickly hair. In essence, it’s freedom. 

If you’re looking to do something edgy, you’re bored, or you’re on the verge of a breakdown, I strongly advocate that getting a buzz cut may relieve some mental stress or may positively shake things up in your life. Change is a good thing, and your hair is no different.

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