“House Rules” by Jodi Picoult

Photo courtesy of fantasticfiction.com


Photo courtesy of fantasticfiction.com

New York Times best-selling author Jodi Picoult is known for mixing controversial issues, courtroom scenes and jaw dropping twists into one magnificent book. “House Rules,” which is her latest novel, is about Jacob Hunt, a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. Jacob is obsessed with forensic science, and loves his routinely watched crime show more than anything. Jacob’s interested in finding crime scenes and helping out the cops on a daily basis.

But when Jacob’s tutor is found dead, the Hunts’ world is turned upside down. Suddenly the police are after Jacob, except this time it’s not for help; Jacob has become their number one suspect. Jacob’s Asperger’s traits only make the police more suspicious and before Jacob knows it, he is on a journey to fight for his freedom. Told in alternating view points, Picoult makes Jacob’s story hard to put down. Fans that have been following Jodi Picoult novels will not be disappointed and newcomers will rush out to buy her previous novels.

I’m a fan of Picoult. I have never read a book that uses the same writing style that she does. The alternating points of view let the reader peer into the minds of every character; making one feel more connected to the story. “House Rules,” is easily one of my favorites.

Picoult captures the experience of having Asperger’s Syndrome allowing the reader to feel for Jacob. Beyond feeling, the readers will struggle along with his family members as they live with Jacob. Jacob’s Asperger’s controls his life; everything he does is affected by it. But it doesn’t stop there. When Jacob was diagnosed with Asperger’s, his whole family fell under the control of it. Picoult does a fascinating job in displaying each role that every family member plays.

It allows people to emotionally connect with a fictional character. It’s not just about a boy who faces obstacles, there is mystery, murder, accusations, court cases and even a little bit of romance. Picoult is known for her breath taking twists that appear at the end of each of her novels. Her only fault in writing “House Rules,” is not giving the reader something to really be shocked over. Nonetheless, the novel is extremely well written and can relate to all ages and people. Readers will relate to this book in many different ways but there will be one common though on everyone’s mind: did Jacob commit murder?