Just Another (Not) Manic Monday

Monday mornings have earned the worst of bad reputations since the era of the traditional workweek. Living on campus in a collegiate environment has only solidified this notion:  everyone I meet, regardless of their major, year or extracurricular commitments, detest Monday mornings. I hear the same dejected diatribe every Monday: it’s too early. I’m too tired. I partied too hard. I didn’t study or read for my 8 a.m. class. Mondays suck.

These are legitimate concerns. Truly, they are. The struggle to drag yourself out of bed any morning, specifically a Monday morning, is a painful one. I’m no stranger to running on minimal sleep or feeling exhausted.

Some might say I’m biased in this discussion. I am only a first-year, but I have a schedule consisting entirely of afternoon classes. Undeniably, the schedule gods shined favorably upon my freshman schedule. I have the luxury of being able to sleep in every single morning, should I so desire. Theoretically, I could sleep in until noon and make it to class on time every single day of the week.

I never sleep in; I’m up and dressed by nine o’clock every morning, like clockwork.

Here’s my unpopular opinion: I love Mondays. That’s why I wake early even when I don’t necessarily have to. I never want to miss the opportunity to relax in the morning.

I’m a true Gemini, easily bored by every activity in my life, even those I love. I thrive on spontaneity and adventure in my everyday life. However, even I appreciate the beauty in routine. And without fail, Monday is the inevitable beginning to my weekly morning routine.

Each day, it goes a little something like this: coffee, breakfast, coffee, makeup, writing, studying and then off to class. I’m a simple girl. The little things in life give me the most pleasure. Enjoying a hot latte in the morning, applying my makeup with care and precision, choosing my outfit of the day, whipping up a quick article for my blog … these are the minutia of my daily routine that give me the most pleasure and satisfaction. Without these simple, pleasurable tasks at the beginning of my day, my afternoons lack fulfillment, calmness and motivation.

I use Mondays to meditate, relax and breathe. I’m wary to throw the word “meditate” around. People tend to picture me sitting on the floor with my legs crossed and hands cupped in Ohm formations. But in my experience, meditation varies from person-to-person. Personally, I use the quiet time in the morning when my roommates are asleep or in class to reflect on the good in my life and count my blessings. I sit at my computer and list people, things and events in my life for which I am grateful, usually with tea or coffee by my side.

More importantly, though, is the fact that Monday is the refresh button of every week. Mondays are rich with possibility. Every Monday offers us a new chance to pursue our dreams and live our lives the way we want to. We cannot always control what happens to us or the situations we must face. That is an inevitable fact of life – just as inevitable as Monday’s weekly return. However, we can control how we think about the events in our lives. We can control our attitudes, our mentalities. If we shift our focus, the mundane and unpleasant aspects of each Monday become background noise.

If we spend our entire lives with a deeply ingrained mentality that Mondays must be bad just because they’re Mondays, we inadvertently prevent ourselves from enjoying the start to our week. The truth is, Mondays are not inherently terrible! Really, I promise. They have just as much potential for greatness as any day of the week.

So please, next time you demonize Monday, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Monday morning’s fresh start. Bask in the glory of a new week at your fingertips. Learn to create a morning routine and enjoy it. Get out of bed early – you may be kicking and screaming, but trust me, you’ll thank me. Start your day off with a filling breakfast, quiet time and your hot beverage of choice.

I’m not asking you to make Monday your favorite day of the week. Friday is the highest of hallelujahs, even for me. However, we can embrace Mondays and our return to the daily grind, or we can dread them. It is entirely a matter of attitude. Ultimately, the choice is yours.