Letter to the Editor – Lundergan

I have known KT Tobin for a number of years and am fortunate enough to be her neighbor and friend. KT is a passionate, caring, dedicated and honest individual who will be a great asset to the Board. She is highly qualified for the position, with advanced degrees in Sociology and Social Research, and through her work at the Benjamin Center at SUNY-New Paltz. She has successfully served on a number of Village committees over the years, including the Affordable Housing Board, the Regatta Organizing Committee, and the Emergency Preparedness Committee, and has a strong love and respect for our community. Her commitment and dedication to helping make the Village a more vibrant, safe and inclusive community cannot be questioned, and my husband Ed and I will be proud to vote for her on May 2. We know that the Village will be in excellent hands with KT on the Board.

If you are not registered to vote in this election, please do so by April 22.

Carol Lundergan