Letter to the Editor – Neilson

Dear voters,
I write in support of KT Tobin’s bid for New Paltz Village Trustee. Even though I am not voter in the village, I support KT’s candidacy because it is good for the town and for our community as a whole.  Having known KT for the last decade, I can attest to her dedication and diligence in working for solutions that strengthen our community – including the village, town, and school district.  She has first-hand knowledge of the issues facing our community as a long term resident, a homeowner, a parent and a community activist. KT’s ability to collaborate with others comes from having served on numerous volunteer committees and boards, her work with the Benjamin Center and her time as an elected official on the school board. Finally, KT has a healthy appreciation for the many assets that our community has to build on our people, our environment, our school system, and our local businesses – all important components of long term planning solutions that will work for New Paltz. On May 2, VOTE for KT.
Michael Nielson