Letter to the Editor – Shepler

I support KT Tobin for Village Trustee for three simple reasons:  (1) She has the analytical skills, smarts and commitment to fairness and careful consideration that are essential for making good public policy. (2) She has an unmatched work ethic, as demonstrated by the completion of her PhD while holding a full-time job and parenting her three children. Anyone who has observed her campaign for the causes she cares about will confirm her grit and determination. (3) She shares my vision for New Paltz, one that recognizes our past while aiming for an even better future. Like me, she sees the opportunity to transform neglected parts of our Village with sustainable, community-minded development.

Never before have I felt such an urgency to ensure that we find public officials at all levels who are willing to do the hard work to learn the issues and to be open to multiple possibilities.  I have no doubt that KT is the best person for the job. Let’s do ourselves a favor by putting KT on the Village Board on May 2.