Mushroom ‘n Spinach Sandwich

Ever in a rush for lunch but still want to eat

something delicious and snazzy? Like mushrooms?

Alright, so here’s:

Mushroom ‘n Spinach Sandwich

Some of these ingredients may be strange.

You can obviously substitute to your liking.

You’ll need:

Handful of Sliced Mushrooms


2 Slices of Muenster Cheese

2 Slices of Rye Marble Bread

1/8 of Avocado

Clove of Garlic

Slice of Butter

Olive Oil

Cut up a little bit of garlic and the mushrooms. (Helpful hint: Mushrooms shrink when cooked, so use more than you think you would need). Heat a skillet with some olive oil and throw the garlic in. When it starts to brown, toss in the mushrooms and cover the pan so they can cook. In the meantime, butter one side of each piece of bread. On the other side, place one slice of cheese. Sprinkle some spinach on one slice of cheese and as much avocado as you’d like on the other. When the mushrooms are sizzling and look cooked, pour out the oil and put the mushrooms into the sandwich. Close the sandwich and put it onto the skillet (make sure most of the oil is gone). Cover it again. When one side looks toasted, flip the sandwich and recover. When both sides look crispy and the cheese is melted, you’re done! Slice the sandwich in half and make it look cool when the melted cheese splits. Add some veggie chips as an optional side dish. Enjoy the hell out of this sandwich and make sure to brush your teeth.